Ryan Alex Martin - Game Developer and 3D artist

Hi. I'm Ryan Alex Martin. You can call me Ryan.

I work as a full time game programmer and 3D artist, and I do freelance projects and also make some games on the side. I love games since they are a blend of all of the renaissance skills. Art, writing, engineering, mathematics, acting, music; they all have their place in the creation of a video game. I dabble in many of these, so video games are naturally the way for me to express myself using all the skills I've worked hard to acquire over the years.

I've worked extensively with VR and AR technologies.

I am always interested in helping with other's game/interactive experience ideas. If you would like to hire me to help create your idea, either as a contractor or a consultant, please contact me.

I have other hobbies too. I run a furniture business on the side, Ryan Martin Furniture, LLC. It's a great way for me to get away from the computer, and the satisfaction of building something real and tangible can sometimes be lost when creating software.